Rustic Furniture

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Rustic Furniture Description

homi106Wood Used
The wood used in our product is Sheesham, a hard wood indigenous to India similar to the properties that of Rosedwood. It has excellent carving properties,

Kiln Drying
The wood is Kiln dried to a certain moisture level that prevents finished prodict to deviate beyond a slight movement. Wood is a natural product, it is affected with changes of atmosphere and room temperature.

Some changes are natural and should be expected.

Treatment Of Wood
The wood is chemically treated to make it resistant to any termite, fungi or insect attack.

5015-150x150The finishing is finally done with high quality materials. The grain quality of hardwood gives the furniture a superior finish that will get better with age. Since these are hand finished so expect some variation. They will have the sane tone(dark or light) but the Matching of the color cannot be promised.